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NuSkin Alchemical Gold
" David Hudson, the creator of 'WhitePowder Gold' has set up a 'Science of the Spirit Foundation' , to manufacture and distribute the philosophers stone, and has sold shares in it even though he purports to be relatively unconcerned with profits, but primarily with making the substance available to those who are ready to use it."
-- Narada

"The issue of motives is very much involved in both moves. NuSkin claims to be a company motivated by integrity, providing only the best products and services possible to their clients. David Hudson claims to be motivated by the desire to help the human race. Both however make money from their projects. Certainly in our culture we all seem to need money to survive. We can judge commerce easily because it is an external behavior but motives are harder to judge. They are inside each of us and, for the most part, none of us can completely experience what is going on inside someone else. We can only know what is going on by their external behavior including what they say to us. Fundamentally, trust is something that must be determined on a case by case basis?" -- Robert C. Cohen

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