Instructions for Full Submissions

A "Full Submission" is detailed and contains all the information necessary for one Inner Game page. Full Submissions are optional but only Full Submissions receive additional submission credit in the Inner Game. Full Submissions also receive priority review by the Game Master and Master Players.

Print this page out and use the instructions to fill out the form on the Submissions page. Cut the "Submission Text" below and paste it inside the text field called "Submission / Move." Pasting the submission text in a word processor first might make things easier.

SUBMISSION TEXT (cut and paste)



TITLE: List title of your submission

DEFINITION: give a brief description of the submission, is it a book, film, idea, or activity, etc.

CREATOR: - credit the creator of item you are submitting.

MAIN CATEGORIES: select just one from the following list. Recommendation Categories: activity, art, belief, business, change, communications, community, consciousness, environment, games, health, humor, literature, listening, learning, love, media, money vote, moving pictures, music, myth, politics, ritual, science, sensuality, tools, time vote.
Production Categories: montages, juxtapositions, believertisements, quotes.

ALTERNATIVE CATEGORIES: These are the additional categories you feel are related to your submission. Select at least one of the categories listed above. Please try to keep selections to a minimum. Please keep selections highly relevant to your recommendation. No alternative category is listed if you are submitting a Production.

RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: Describe how your submission directly relates to the core wave of Game One. All sentences in this field must be stated as questions and must end in question marks. (See Game pages for examples. If you like just write sentences and then add question marks to each when you are finished.)

MAIN QUOTE - list one quote from your submission or about your submission. This quote should represent the heart of your submission. If the quote is not from the submission itself be sure to list the author and source. If you are submitting a quote for the main production category "Quotes" then list it here. Quotes ideally should be relatable to the core wave. >HIGHLIGHT QUOTES - list at least one and as many as 10 short quotes from the submission or about the submission. The more quotes you list the shorter they should be on average. These quotes cannot be authored by the submitting Player.

HIGHLIGHT - Here is your opportunity to describe your experience. An important requirement for a Highlight Recommendations is the use of subjective wording . In other words, we would not word anything like "This book IS great." Instead we would write something like, "MY EXPERIENCE of this book was great," or, "This book SEEMED great TO ME." And so forth. (See Moves already at play for examples.) Contribute content from the best of your experience. If you are contributing content from the dark side of life simply indicate whether or not you are recommending an educational value.

DEEPER - Any technical, academic, specialized, or complicated language can ONLY go here and cannot go anywhere else in a submission. Deeper text must still emphasize your own subjective experience however no deeper text is required. You can leave this space blank if you like.

CONNECTION TUNNELS - This is the text for the connections tunnels. List and describe the connections you have found with other content already at play in the Inner Game first. Then list and describe connections to any things you feel could or should be at play in the Inner Game. Each connection should be described as briefly and concisely as possible and remember to keep the core wave of Game One in mind. Connection descriptions do not require the strict use of subjective wording. All the moves already at play in the Inner Game are listed on the Main Map and the Catalog pages.

IMAGES AND CLIPS - please describe any pictures, video clips, audio clips or other source material that you would include as part of your submission (move), especially if you are submitting a Production. The submission form has a field to list a URL where you can post this media. If you haven't provided a URL, please indicate where they can be obtained indicate if you can provide these materials either by Email or post.

ACCESS AND DISTRIBUTION: Also indicate here any relevant information about where anyone could access your submission in its entirety. (For example: if it is a book - where can they get it? Who are the producers, publishers, or manufacturers of your submission? If it is an activity where can other players do it or learn more about it. And so forth.)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - briefly describe anything else you feel is important in the consideration of your submission. (If your submission is a Production: Quote, put your quote here.

Thank you for playing.

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