Instructions for Master Players

Glass Bead Game pages are purple. CoreWave administration and information pages are red.

The core wave for Game I is deliberately broad and inclusive allowing significant flexibility for the Players. Connection requirements are also loose to provide significant flexibility for Game I.

Connections are the heart of the Game. Give special care and thought to your connections and your accompanying text.

Submissions can be made at any length. Any ideas submitted can be moved to the Inner Game. However, only Full Submissions moved to the Inner Game receive additional submission credit in the Inner Game. (see the Instructions for Full Submissions.) Full Submissions also receive priority attention for review by the Game Master and Master Players.

Submissions moved to the Inner Game should not necessarily be considered finished. Inner Game content can be continuously revised to make it resonate better with the core wave and the Game as a whole. Inner Game content can also be removed from the Inner Game at any point by the Game Master or the Player who credited with the submission. As themes and patterns begin to develop in a Game (as in a piece of music) it can become necessary to remove ideas (or notes) that no longer flow with the whole.

  • Master Players are Players recommended by The Game Master. They are generally involved with a Game throughout its duration.
  • Guest Players are Players who have had Submissions moved to the Inner Game. Their submission is recommended by The Game Master or a Master Player. They are not generally involved with an entire Game.
  • All visitor's to the site Players. We must always remember their relevance and connection to the Game both as explorers and contributors.

As a Master Player, the Game Master is personally recommending you and your opinions to all the other Players. Bear this in mind at all times.

A Game Master selects all of the criteria, categories, foundations and guidelines for a Game. A Game Master can change any rule from a previous game in the creation of a new game.

The choice of criteria, categories, foundations, guidelines, Master Players, the core wave and all content is intended by the Game Master to direct the Game and the Players.

The Game Master and Master Players penultimate purpose is to serve the Game as a whole by always striving to make the best possible Game experience for the other Players.

A Game Council oversees the integrity of the Games. The Game Council:

  • Consists of the Game Master, Master Players and others experienced in the processes of CoreWave and Glass Bead Games.
  • Approves the duration of a Game.
  • Selects the Game Master and affirms the continuation of his term.
  • Each council member's vote counts as one vote. The Game Master's vote counts as the number of council members divided by two.

The council may not remove a Game Master during a Game. The council can remove a Game Master at the end of any individual Game. The council may also post on the site (as prominently as is necessary without interfering with the Game) any objection to the behavior of a Game Master.

For the purpose of diversity the Game council has decided that the Game Master for Game I shall not be the Game Master for Game II. The selection of the Game Master for Game II will be made by July 1, 1997, half way through Game I.

All submissions must be of material that is esteemed as highest quality by the submitting Player. No content is admitted to the Game that is experienced by the submitting Player as being of poor quality.

The Game Master can remove a submission that has entered the Game at any time if the Game Master feels that it no longer resonates with the rest of the Game. All Players who have submissions in the Game may make changes to those submissions until that Game is over. Changes are subject to the Game Master's approval. A Player may withdraw any single submission on the grounds that it no longer represents that Player's true feelings or taste.

Once a game ends, no content can be changed. If, as a player, you want to change something you have created after a game has ended, you may indicate those changes in the comments section for finished games. You can also re-submit any and all content into any future game. Past games archive both the first (opening) move of a Game as well as the final condition of a Game.

Game Criteria Details (Core Wave's Guiding Principles)

The Game Master reviews all submissions for resonance with the core wave and the following criteria before moving any submission to the Inner Game. The Game Master should find a submission resonates with approximately 70% of this criteria list in order to be moved to the Inner Game.

  • Accessibility
        Information must be relevant and understandable to the general public. Taking arcane, specialized, technical, academic, or elitist approaches to communication and putting them into understandable and entertaining terms is what we call "translation."
  • Balance
        Reactionary ideas and positions are almost always unbalanced. The universe is full of apparent opposites like reason and faith. Elements of a duality are best thought of as parts of a unity. We would do well to balance our inner and outer experience. (Media often creates the illusion that the answers to all of one's needs are to be found outside of yourself. As a media production company we feel an obligation and responsibility to ensure our messages direct our audience back from a highly mediated world toward a balance with one's own primary experience.
  • Choice
       The information we provide is always presented as one option--as one possible way to go. We don't have all the answers, we have our experience. By providing the best from our experience we may help others to make the best choices for themselves and for society. People make their best choices based on the alternatives they know about.
  • Context
        Context is the sea from which connections are made. Context is of equal importance to content because it is the process that makes sense out of content. The quantity of content must serve the quality of content and its organization.
  • Honesty
        Be honest.
  • Love
        Striving to change the world through opposition creates more opposition. Love truly changes the world.
  • Optimism
        Make the best of any situation.
  • Process
        Viewing "things" as objects isolated from process can be disempowering. When fear is a "thing" that has you in its grasp it can be overwhelming. But when fear is experienced as "the process of fear" it becomes possible to interrupt or change that process. (Because media and culture often hide process, we have made a commitment to present and reveal the process behind our Game.)
  • Personalization
        Acknowledging your subjective, personal experience first is critical to the pursuit of objectivity. Core Wave's Glass Bead Game is about people, the personal, and about increasing personalization.
  • Truth
        We pursue truths as they appear across contexts. Since context is the process of organizing information, truth across contexts is also a process. Absolutes are static.
    Absolutely, no absolutes! ;-)

Game I Foundations

A Game is also built upon additional themes called Foundations. Foundations deal with concepts like numbers, colors, and music. The Game Master selects a Game's Foundations. The Foundations for Game I:


  • FOUR: The first and primary number for Game I is four. There are four production categories on the Main Map. There are four main directions or elements on the Randomizer. Four is the symbolic number of elements, manifestation and order.
  • ONE: The one core wave is symbolic of unity and non-locality.
  • TWO: There are two levels to most content. There is an Inner and an Outer Game. Two is the symbolic number of creation and is the number of primary distinction (as in the core wave).
  • THREE: There are twenty-seven recommendation categories. Twenty seven is the third power of three. Three is considered in many traditions to be a sacred number and it is the symbolic number of restoring unity to duality.
  • TEN: There are ten criteria. Ten is the symbolic number of perfection. Ten is the sum of the first four integers. 1+2+3+4=10.
  • 117 is the guiding number of the Game Master. It is used as a guiding number for Game I.

    The Core Wave Web site contains patterns using these numbers in its animation, graphics, randomization and other technical aspects. --m.h.


The primary color for Game I is purple
Secondary colors are blue, red and yellow in that order.


The fundamental musical pattern for Game I is best described as the exalting and crying song sound of a blues guitar.

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