Robert Carrillo Cohen

Relation to CoreWave
Made my first super-8 movie in the fourth grade. After studying English Literature and Art History at the University of Arizona, went to New York, worked on feature films, and got a BFA in film production from NYU. Got into documentary film making after that and found it to be my true calling. Spent the next few years dragging friends over to my apartment to listen to me tape record myself while I talked about my ideas for creating powerful new media that could educate and entertain people. These ideas where based on connecting all of my interests in media, linguistics, personalization, consciousness, comedy, computers, spirituality, health, business, love, education, science, and plenty more. And then came The Glass Bead Game. I met Uli Hens in Berlin and during her subsequent visit to Brooklyn she gave me a copy of the book as a present. I picked it up to read one year later and immediately "connecting all of my interests" I found myself holding a major treatise on connections. It held advice and warnings which blasted out at me from page one like a template for creating ...... what would ultimately become CoreWave.

After that I went to the (Sonoran) desert for six weeks of meditation.

I had ideas but no attachments to how things would manifest. Now the one thing I am sure of is how thankful I am for the people who have come into my life and put their hands and hearts into this dream. THANK YOU: Kate Hammer, my first, and best writing partner and collaborator. Jennifer Anderson, for dreaming with me that things could be better and for spiritual building in the material world. Andrew Weil, Fred Alan Wolf, and Peter Russell, for their encouragement. Tom Bates, for sharing the desire to visualize the outer limits. Evan Goldberg, our first and best editor, for insisting on our best and delivering the best in his design work. Molly Holzschlag, for the ultimate in web design and caring enough to do the "labor." Erik Lundquist, for his artistry, his passion, his caring, and especially for his belief in all of this. I'd also like to thank my family, my friends, the feedback team, and especially Peg and Rory for wisdom, love, and making all of this possible.

Personal Bio
I love the desert, the heat, and I collect hot sauces. Monsoons and lightning storms make me feel totally alive. I still collect Phil Dick and Pink Floyd rarities. I finally got a dog and his name is Blue.

I have worked on many documentaries as an Associate Producer and as a Production Manager. I have moved back to Tucson and am now producing my first documentary with Tom Bates for our company MainStream media. The documentary is about the combination of scientific and spiritual models in sacred texts.

I have a strong interest in going one step further or breaking out of limitations. I find myself drawn to anything "penultimate." I mostly experience the universe as being rather sensuous.

Moves in Play

  • Move 1: The Glass Bead Game
  • Move 3: Sacred Geometry Series
  • Move 6: Adbusters
  • Move 7: Red Line Paintings
  • Move 8: NuSkin International
  • Move 9: The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
  • Move 11: Blade Runner, The Director's Cut
  • Move 12: Synthetic Pleasures
  • Move 16: Big in Japan
  • Move 17: Mantra

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