The Outer Game

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Re: "Tommy" by The Who (Full Submission)
Posted by Basho on October 27, 1997 at 09:35:54:

In Reply to: Re: "Tommy" by The Who (Full Submission) posted by Gail Sullivan on October 06, 1997 at 18:46:16:

I think that one of the keys to understanding "Tommy"
is that you can see your own reflection in a pinball.
The ball becomes a metaphor for the self as it is
bounced around from bumpers to pins and back. Our control of
the fate of the ball/self is limited to the flippers
and small movements that we can induce in the machine
as long as we don't "tilt" or "drain."

Connection to Spirtuality and Zen:
The "gatha" of Shen-hsiu:
The body is the Bhodi-tree.
The mind is like a mirror bright;
Take heed to keep it always clean
And let not dust collect upon it.

The reply of Hui-neng:
there is no Bhodi-tree,
Nor stand of mirror bright.
Since all is void,
Where can the dust alight?

In a sense, Zen transceds the inner/outer distinction
of mind and world. Phenomenon do not exist "out there"
neither do they exist "inside the mind" They exist as
they are, without discrimination. The "breaking of
the mirror" is enlightenment. When we stop to reflect
on our selves and see the world "as it is" then we can
say "I'm Free and I'm waiting for you to follow me."
Whether or not we with to become Messiahs is a matter
of choice (see Richard Bach's "Illusions").

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