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The Pie Gods Shop/ Inner vs. Outer Motivation
Posted by J. Byers on November 11, 1997 at 20:51:45:

The Pie Gods Shop

I just took a stroll down the way to my Daddy's Pie Gods Shop.
He said he'll take my tattered taffeta tutu and chenille nighties and sew me a velvety quilt I can wrap around my aching heart.

Ole man Willie Yeats ... sittin' on the corner of his corporate desk tells me he wishes for those embroidered cloths.

The ones that are real pretty enrought with gold and silver light.

Well, I'm not into them sparkly things. My Daddy says people come into his Pie Gods Shop wanting what they don't have.

Like that emperor who was the real fool because he wanted someone else to make him feel all good inside.

Well , my clothes might be see through. Oh yeah they're see-through but my Daddy has special x-ray glasses and he can see the glamour all around my little self.
He can see me weavin' my fabrics together makin' a beautiful life for myself.

Them fabrics are my dreams.

And no gold or silver sparkly stuff ever held me together better than the needle and thread I call hope.
-J. Byers

I chose to post this poem I wrote because it is so important that we do look inside ourselves to find the beauty and spirit of the world around us.

By the way, The Pie Gods Shop is actually The Piece Goods Shop. It's a fabric store and some of the lights were burnt out.

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