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Re: beliefs. God in our thoughts and vice versa.
Posted by Rob C. Cohen GM on December 11, 1997 at 22:11:33:

In Reply to: beliefs posted by vikas on November 19, 1997 at 23:02:57:

Hey Vikas, Thanks for playing.
Good for you. Of course your idea counts as a
submission, contribution and move.
The Full contributions (as described from the link at
the top of the submission page) are more
likely to get moved to the graphical inner game
but you still played and in effect have effected
the entire Game.
Seems like Rose's idea of God is the opposite of
yours. Rose puts us inside God's thoughts and you
put God inside our thoughts.
I don't think Rose has any more ground to say she
is "right" than you do.

I offer my own idea on the subject only for your information.
I tend to think that we are both created by God
and creating God. We are inside him and she is inside
of us. Like a seed has a tree inside of it and
a tree has a seed inside of it. The seed makes the
tree and the tree makes the seed. The seed is
compact and complete unity, a whole tree universe in
one. The tree is fragmented and has many branches like
humanity. The tree and humanity as a whole work together
to create the seed again. Therefore our ideas about
God are as important and God's ideas about us.

If you'd like more info on the Game and how to play
take the guided tour off the home page and look at all
the links on the tour. If you want you may also email
any questions you have and we would be happy to answer them
by email or on the phone. Best regards and wishes Robert. C. Cohen
Game Master Game One.

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