The Outer Game

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The Wizard of Oz
Posted by James Bovay on January 13, 1998 at 15:23:06:

In Dorothy's transition to Oz, her friends from Kansas undergo
metamorphoses, a physical transformation specifically in
which the "outside" physical state changes to symbolize "inner"
conditions (eg Ovid, Kafka, Woolf's _Orlando_ etc.). Furthermore
all of Oz can likewise be seen as a place where all inner
fantasy is externalized.


1. Madness: "The Dark Side of the Rainbow"- a new fad which
has brought Floyd's classic album back to the record charts.
The album and the movie are played simultaneously with surprising results.
This brings us rather easily to the next link,

2.Synchronicity- Some say that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd personally orchestrated
the correlations between Oz and DSOTM. The Cover art (a prism transforming black
and white to a rainbow) as well as some hidden images on the cover of their "Pulse" album
would allude to this. The band has clearly given Stanley Kubrick's _2001_ the same treatment, as
is evidenced by a 23 minute track on the album "Meddle".

3.Alchemical Gold
Frank Baum's original volume was a Populist allegory. The Scarecrow was a symbol
of the Grange organizations (farmers' groups), the Cowardly Lion- T.R., The Tin Man- the
silver standard, and the Yellow Brick Road as the Populists' ultimate goal, the Gold standard.

This film's figures and imagery are so deeply archetypical that many more links could very
well be suggested.

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