The Outer Game

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Final Final submission / The Meru Project sent by email 1/16/98
Posted by Cynthia Tenen / Robert C. Cohen on January 27, 1998 at 01:18:49:

Cythia Tenen sent this submission in at my request.
She sent it by email on January 16th so there was not
enough time to make an inner game page. It is appropriate
and important however that this submission is part of the Game
as a whole.
I have been greatly influenced by my work on a
documentary on the work of the Meru foundation and other
investigations into ancient sacred sciences. Meru
research and the Tenen's influenced much of my thinking
in the
design of Core Wave and
Game One. In discussion with Erik the GM for Game Two,
may turn out to be a harmonious coincidence (synchronicity) that
this will be the final submission posted to Game One.
We shall see.
-Robert C. Cohen

SUBMISSION TEXT (cut and paste)

TITLE: The Meru Project

DEFINITION: Body of Research

PLAYED BY: Cynthia Tenen

CREATOR: The Meru Foundation and Stan Tenen

MAIN CATEGORY: Consciousness

ALTERNATIVE CATEGORIES: Science, Tools (as in tools for understanding)

RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: How does the relationship of inside to

outside, and vice versa, define our reality? Can we discover how this was

expressed by the great minds of the ancient world?

MAIN QUOTE: "In Hebrew the letter that most represents this "mark of

distinction" between inside and outside is Bet, the first letter of the

Hebrew text of Genesis. It appropriately establishes, by definition, the

first logical distinction possible.

"The distinction between archetypal Symmetry and Asymmetry is also primary

and of absolute contrast. Each co-defines the other. Without a

representative standard of asymmetry how could we unambiguously define


"Archetypal symmetry can be represented by the most compact structural

forms (in any given dimension). The five Platonic solids (Tetrahedron,

Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, and Dodecahedron) and the Archimedian

semi-regular solids can define fundamental symmetries in 3-dimensions.

(Mathematicians and physicists derive the formal symmetry groups that they

use from these polyhedral archetypes.)

"Archetypal asymmetry can be represented by a dynamic form that

continuously breaks symmetries as it unfurls. Meru Foundation research

suggests that this form is a particular, explicit vortex, which we call

"Naked Recursion" ("naked" in the mathematical sense unadorned, without

any other quality) and which has been traditionally associated with "the

flame of consciousness", the archetypal living process of a "fruit tree

yielding fruit whose seed is inside itself" (Genesis I.11.), and with its

highest human embodiment our hands.

"As we will see later, besides its traditional association with the heart

Chakra, what is most astonishing about the vortex-shaped model HAND is its

direct relationship to both our personal consciousness and to our

cosmological model of Unity, Singularity and Wholeness.

"Traditionally mystics and Kabbalists have referred to the asymmetry vs.

symmetry model of highest contrast as "Flame and Coal" (Absolute Unity can

only exist when the "flame" is wedded to the "coal"), the "Light in the

Meeting Tent," or, perhaps, in Plato as the "same (symmetric) and the

different (asymmetric)" (although many other interpretations have been

given for this phrase)."

Quote from "The God of Abraham, A Mathematician's View," (c)1993, 1996 by

Stan Tenen.

HIGHLIGHT QUOTES: In the Talmud, the phrase "Toku K'varo," meaning "inside

like outside," is used as a definition of integrity, and describes a fully

righteous person. (Stan Tenen)

HIGHLIGHT: Helping this work to grow and blossom, in my own family, in my

own living room, for the past 20 years, has profundly affected my life. It

has answered, and continues to answer, burning questions I once asked when

I was a small child, and then forgot that I had asked until those answers

had already become a part of my life.

DEEPER: Hebrew, Greek, and perhaps Arabic, are known in the Western

tradition as "sacred alphabets." Meru Foundation's research indicates that

the Western sacred alphabets are a formal notation, each letter designating

a specific operation or process that can operate in both consciousness

(inside) and physics (outside). Ancient texts written in these alphabets

thus are more than stories; they are (we hypothesize) specific and detailed

expositions of how these 27 archetypal processes (flow, one into the other,

and interact -- in us. (There are 27 letters in the full Hebrew alphabet,

and in Greek as it was used for counting and "gematria". We also believe

that Sanskrit may have a similar function, but we have not done this work.)


IMAGES AND CLIPS: "The God of Abraham, A Mathematician's View,"(c)1993,

1996 by Stan Tenen

ACCESS AND DISTRIBUTION: Available on the Meru Foundation website at .

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Meru Foundation's research has concentrated on the

Hebrew alphabet and texts -- which alone is more than enough work for one

lifetime. It is our strong belief that what we have discovered is a way of

accessing a philosophical and metaphysical world-view prevalent in the

ancient and classical world, and that other high civilizations and

knowledge systems -- Sanskrit, for example -- would fit a similar pattern.

But we cannot do this work alone, nor would it be appropriate for us to

try. Instead, we hope that others will explore the territory of their own

history and culture, to find the wisdom preserved there.

Meru itself is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, organized to

facilitate this research. Much of our published work may be found on our

website, at . If you are curious, visit our website,

and contact us via email at -- or write to us at PO Box 503,

Sharon, MA 02067.

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