The Outer Game

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Re: (FS - full submission) Brazil by Terry Gilliam
Posted by Richard on July 24, 1997 at 19:19:00:

In Reply to: (FS - full submission) Brazil by Terry Gilliam posted by Erik J. Lundquist on January 23, 1997 14:00:00:

I find the movie's simplistic beauty most eloquently during
the first "reality" sequence. We observe a technician tucked
away in some closed room, deep in the "inside" when an invader
from the "outside" disturbs his peace and simplistic perfection.

It is a bug crawling across the ceiling. The technician is
greatly disturbed by this intrusion and after some
awkward maneuvering, kills the insect. But it falls from
the ceiling into the precise mechanism of the computer causing
a short and a mistake. The proverbial "bug in the system."

Now with the confusion over Buttle and Tuttle, the
empire of information that has striven so hard to epitomize
perfection is suddenly fallable. An outside intrusion into
the inside causes chaos and a carefully orchestrated
system to fail. A clear pictorial description that whenever
we seek to create the difference between outside and the
inside, we lose one in order to create the other. But the
other is never lost, and will eventually make its
presence know.

See Tales of Power by Carlos Casteneda, and in particular,
the discussion on the nagual and the tonal.

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