The Outer Game

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The ether that binds
Posted by Aaron Lorenz on August 18, 1997 at 23:17:30:

An ever present feeling of waiting is my center

It pulls me like the ubiquitious power

of the moon

on the tide

It lures me as the sweet smell of necter

calls the hummingbird

I am the hummingbird

moving ceaselessly, yet remaining still

hovering....where's the necter?

I live in a world of plastic flowers

and false moons

A cookie cutter nightmare

A lemming parade

Mankind tripped, now we're falling into the future

Grabbing at the coat tails of our Gods and Idols

As they stand cold and removed, backs turned

Having become sterile and impotent

By the incisions and dissections of science

Time is a commodity

Some have too much

Some not enough

Spend it, save it, make it, buy it

but use it wisely

because it's running out

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