The Outer Game

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Re: THX-1138 (Adam You Get A Free Video)
Posted by Robert C.C. Game Master Game I on September 14, 1997 at 19:59:55:

In Reply to: THX-1138 posted by Adam M. Turner on July 03, 1997 at 02:43:32:

Adam. Your email doesn't work. You have earned a
free video. I can't tell you how gratified I was
to discover your move.

Yes I love the movie. The whole movie is about a
inside a closed unground environment and the goal
of breaking out and seeing beyond those bounderies.

But first I've got to say Wow. You took the time
to figure out all the rules and post a full submission.
You are the first and so far the only player to do
so from "outside" the corewave team.

For a long time we have been planning on setting up'
a guided tour showing and explaining all the Game
pages at once to give new players entré, a simple
on ramp, intro to the game. But you proved that it
can be done. The game is PLAYABLE even in its
fullest form. Work will continue to make the game
more accessible but I cannot express the magintude
of my gratitude. DUDE. (hee-hee)

From my point of view, yes of course THX-1138. I agree
with your connections too and think they are great. There is also I think a
clear connection to Orwells "1984." That would make
a good move and connection as well.

I'll find some images
and urls and make a move / bead page for your
submission asap. And resubmit your email or contact info
so we can send you your free video.
Heck submit anything. I think you're move is
great and your move has made me very happy.
- Robert GM

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