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Modern Alchemy / White Powder Gold
Posted by Narada DanVantari on September 15, 1997 at 01:52:10:

TITLE: Modern Alchemy

DEFINITION: The rediscovery of the Philosophers Stone- White Powder Gold. A new
form of non-metallic super-conducting gold, and its uses in technology, medicine, and

CREATOR: David Hudson


ALTERNATIVE CATEGORIES: Science, Consciousness, Health, Business, Change

RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: What is the relationship between 'inner
work' and 'outer work' in the 'Great Work' of alchemy? How do the dualities of
'objective / subjective' and 'science / magic,art,myth' and 'matter / spirit' relate to the
dualities of the core wave? Is there a clear boundary line between what is real and what
is not, or is it more like the "present moment"- a vague concept that tries to separate the
fundamentally interwoven fields of past and future? Is anything outside our Self that is
desired, a form of addiction that will ultimately fail to satisfy? What is the immune
system, how does it protect the inner from the outer? NARADA

MAIN QUOTE: "I notice it has become fashionable among a certain class of men who
call themselves scientists, to declare that their collection of knowledge is nearly
complete, and that soon they will explain to us the whole glittering mechanism by which
Nature performs her vast repertoire of miracles, from the whirling of infinite atoms
through countless eyes, to the very forces that bind and form the galaxies. Surely it
must amuse the great Goddess of Nature, to see that those who are so lost in the velvet
magnificence that is but the hem of her robes, should think that they have seen her
naked, and even believe that they might possess her, and force her to reveal her
innermost secrets. Oh that the worm who dreams he is a mighty dragon might one day
aspire to such conceit!" from 'The Book of Fire', a yet to be published novel by

"This material is here to perfect our bodies ... this is not a medicine. This material is,
in fact, a philosophical material. It is here to enlighten and to raise the consciousness of
mankind. If in doing that it happens to cure diseases, so be it. It's really hard for most of
us to understand that this is what it's all about."

"A superconductor responds to a magnetic field of 2 times 10 to the minus 15th ergs ....
so when you are working with this material your thoughts are registering in the

"When you realise that the philosopher's stone is white powder of gold, then, of course,
I have to find out does it work? Does it really have the properties they attribute to it?
Which they claim will not only cure every disease known to man, they claim that it is
capable of changing the nature of man, making him into a different person."

"From the Egyptian book of the dead... it says, 'I am purified of all imperfections,
what is it? I sin like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it? I come before my father in
heaven, what is it?' and it goes on, always asking what is it?... the Hebrews worked in
Egypt for many generations, they were the artisans and metallurgists. When they left
Egypt, Bezalial the Goldsmith prepared the bread that the high priest partook of ... the
word in Hebrew that literally means 'what is it?' -is manna."

"This makes no sense, it's impossible, it can't happen. But there it was."

HIGHLIGHT RECOMMENDATION: When I stumbled across David Hudsons
information about white powder gold on the web recently, and took the time to read it
in detail, I was astonished by the science, and then amazed again by the medical,
historical, and metaphysical implications. The way the information is presented, I feel
there is a real integrity here, and I am reluctant to dismiss this "unbelievable" story, as
being untrue. I have been interested in many of the subjects he touches upon, but he
clearly knows his science and his mythology better than I do, and has synthesized what
I think is a very plausible reality, out of the glass bead game of his own experience and
the science and myths of our culture. I wish him well in his continuing adventures.

DEEPER:As I understand the science involved in this-
David Hudson holds several patents on Orbitally Rearranged Mon-atomic Elements. He
has devoted more than 20 years and millions of dollars to investigating the nature of
certain unusual materials, and claims to have established that many of the heavy metals
are present in large quantities in our bodies, in a non-metallic form that has been
undetectable by conventional methods. He suggests that these are the key elements of
life- that their properties as superconductors are what supports a Miessener field around
living beings. This field excludes external magnetic fields, and is somehow connected to
the integrity of the individual being and the functioning of the immune system. It is also
what has been perceived as the aura.
As I understand the magic involved-
David explains a lot of philosophical, historical, mythical, and prophetic ideas-and how
he has fitted his own life into the picture that he has built up to explain what is
happening. He is playing a part in a glass bead game that has spanned millennia. He
believes that the secret of white powder gold was known in Egypt and other ancient
traditions, and is a key to the beginning of the new golden age upon the earth.

CONNECTIONS: 1. 'the Glass Bead Game': particularly the 'Three Lives" section at
the end of the book. David Hudson's life story would be right at home here. The
relevance of stories and myths to our human experience is a shared theme in these 2
moves. As is the goal of integrating diverse fields of knowledge, and the relevance of
arcane games to the real world. As a contrast between these 2 moves, there is the
difference that living in a high-tech society makes to the game, compared to Hesse's
pseudo-medieval world.
2."the Eternal Body": These moves share the theme of the perfecting of the body, and
the dissatisfaction with its limitations.
3. "Synthetic Pleasures": If a human beings psychic capacities can be augmented
enough, the distinction between 'real' and 'virtual worlds' becomes even more blurred.
Technology is always an attempt to extend our abilities in ways that mystics and yogis
have claimed are possible without any outside crutches, if only we had the time and
energy to achieve them.
4."Blade Runner": Both these moves deal with the questions, 'what makes us human?'
and 'why do we die?'
5."Brazil": Both these moves deal with the questions; 'what is reality?','are we all in it
together?', and 'who can you trust?'
6."Nu Skin": D. H. has set up a 'Science of the Spirit Foundation' , to manufacture and
distribute the philosophers stone, and has sold shares in it even though he purports to
be relatively unconcerned with profits, but primarily with making the substance
available to those who are ready to use it.
7. "the Cunning Man": What is sickness?

IMAGES AND CLIPS: "The Magician", a tarot card by NARADA: As the rising sun,
a golden bird ascends from the body of the magician, flying through the centre of the
DNA toward the rainbow star at the centre of the infinity of life and death. (can supply
by e-mail)

ACCESS AND DISTRIBUTION: The articles on the web that I refer to are mostly
transcripts of video presentations by David Hudson, and are a couple of years old. He
was planning to set up facilities for mass producing WPG and wanted to make it
available to all who understood what it is and desired to use it. He is apparently having
adventures with the 'authorities' and there is no word as to the current state of affairs
that I can discover. The transcripts are at and (5 Lectures from
There is a commercial product available called Etherium Gold, from , that claims to have monatomic
elements, and to come from a natural deposit in America- but whatever its benefits, it is
not the same material that David Hudson is speaking of. I cannot resist drawing a
parallel between -the man made "HudsonWPG" with the naturally occurring minerals,
on the one hand- & -pure synthesized Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and the naturally
occurring psilocybins etc, on the other.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I neither believe nor disbelieve, but find it a fascinating

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