The Outer Game

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Fluxus Online
Posted by Frank Jones on September 22, 1997 at 18:43:03:

: DEFINITION: Art/Anti-Art Website

: CREATOR: Many contributors


: ALTERNATIVE CATEGORIES: Literature, belief, art,
communications, time vote, media, change, community,
consciuosness, environment, humor, listening, music,
moving pictures, politics, ritual

: RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: The unity of creative forms and processes

: MAIN QUOTE: see Optional Link URL - TITLE: Fluxus Online

: HIGHLIGHT QUOTES: "Duchamp has qualified the object into art. I have qualified life into art. - Wolf Vostell

: HIGHLIGHT RECOMMENDATION: Fluxus is a movement of artists that favor accessible art and methods of producing art.
There is a wonderful sense of playfulness and humor incorporated into works that are
both simple and sensitive.

: DEEPER: For better and worse everyone is an artist.

: I am reminded of Shakespeare's Fool, insight and capacity in a simple mind . . .

: Should artists surrender whatever "status" goes with being the traditional practitioners
of culture?

: CONNECTIONS: None yet.

: IMAGES AND CLIPS: See “optional image url”


: ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Laughing is a form of thinking.

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