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(FS) Sacred Geometry paintings by K. Prior
Posted by Robert Carrillo Cohen on January 23, 1997 04:00:00:

TITLE: Sacred Geometry Series

DEFINITION: Series of paintings

CREATOR: Karen Prior


ALTERNATIVE CATEGORIES: communications, community, consciousness, love, sensuality

RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: Are there patterns within every aspect of reality? How do patterns affect our consciousness?

MAIN QUOTE: "Sacred Geometry, like nothing else I have ever seen, has the ability to inspire awe and awaken a very real experience of the world behind the curtain of creation."
-- Karen Prior

HIGHLIGHT QUOTES: Sacred Geometry is a concise approach to the understanding of the way in which the universe is manifest, ordered and sustained." -- Karen Prior

HIGHLIGHT RECOMMENDATION: I met Karen just a couple of years ago in San Francisco. Karen made it clear to me that she works on her art exclusively in relation to her experience and study of Sacred Geometry. She explained her art to me within the context of her desire to unify the various efforts of individuals familiar with Sacred Geometry and to educate the public about its spiritual, intellectual and emotional impact. She doesn't think small.

I was immediately struck by the communicative power of this series of paintings. Each image evoked an instant single word response. The painting with the line between the foreheads just said to me "communication." Another instantly said to me, "health." My experience of the paintings was almost like they were emotionally precise icons. Their simple beauty seemed to enhance their communicative power and my emotional response. Talking with friends I discovered that most had similar experiences, some with the exact same words coming out of the paintings.



IMAGES AND CLIPS: Scans of Karenís images are at the posted url.

ACCESS AND DISTRIBUTION: The Sacred Geometry Series of paintings by Karen Prior are available for purchase as are other works by the artist. Karen's always moving around but if someone is seriously interested in buying a painting I could track her down. Karen's paintings range in price from approximately $750 to $2500.


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