The Outer Game

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Re: Core belief (passed in)
Posted by Robert C. Cohen as Game Master Game One on September 25, 1997 at 20:46:22:

In Reply to: Core belief posted by Danielle Vanier on July 27, 1997 at 09:28:48:

"There is no distinction between
outside and inside."

I would have to say I disagree however:

"Only the distinction that our mind
create and believe."

Yes, I think but all distinctions may be created by out
minds or at least may be related to "mind" in some

"Inside would be the jail that we built around us and
outside the misconception that we are separated from
the universe."

Yes, I think that the distinctions very often can
be just as you describe them. The boarders are not
absolutes they are fuzzy. A line or border may
make a distinction from inside and outside but
that border isn't solid. As with our skin, outside
flows to inside and inside flows to outside.

The distinction is real and useful but I would
agree that it is not an absolute.

INTERESTING. Your post is basically a challenge to
the core wave. So is it a move or bead in relation
to the core wave?

By itself I might think not but with Scott's
wonderful follow up and with my follow up I think
it can work as a bead / move in the Game in
some way. So as usual I will create an Inner
Game bead / move page for your submission
but I will change the title to
"No Inside or Outside" in the Inner Game to make it
clear and add "Core Belief" to
the beginning of your text.

Thanks a bunch. Very fun and thoughtful post.

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