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Re: icons in motion (Questiong the CoreWave symbol)
Posted by Robert C. Cohen GM Game One on September 25, 1997 at 21:09:49:

In Reply to: icons in motion posted by kathryn ehrhorn on July 30, 1997 at 18:47:18:

(Kathryn is posting in reference to the "symbol

definition" which can be found by clicking on

any of our rotating core wave symbols found in the

upper left hand corner of each page on the site.)

Yes a car can be in motion. But I think the icon of the car

is something in the human mind. Your idolized car

is a static car in your mind because you've

idolized it. Cars idle when they are standing still.

If it is an idol then it is a symbol of

perfection. It is now perfect, unchanging.

The idea of

motion in the statement "icons in motion cannot

remain idol(s)" is supposed to imply evolution,

prosses and change.

So yes a moving object can be idolized which

creates a static representation or a symbol.

But if that symbol remains fluid and ever changing

then it isn't an idol, it is a process.

Our spinning

symbol is repeating its motion but if you

look at it carefully you will see an infitite

number of changes in its motion and appearance.

This is what I was trying to

get at with the symbol definition. Thanks for your

post and the chance to re-examine our ideas. I

really enjoyed your question and hope you post

again. Thanks Robert GM Game One

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