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Getting Around

There are four ways to navigate the Inner Game.

1. The Main Map Page. This page contains a visual map of the entire Inner Game. It also contains a list of all the Inner Game moves along with links to each move page.

2. The Categories Page. Players may assign categories to their moves. This page contains a list of the categories for Game II along with their neat little icons and links to the moves within each category.

3. The Connection Tunnels. Here is a sample tunnel from Game I. The connections between moves are presented on their own pages. Each Connection Tunnel contains links to the connected bead pages and a description of how they are connected. This is one of the more dynamic ways to travel within the site. This is a fun, intuitive way to take a trip through the Game.

4. The Randomizer. This page takes you to a randomly selected move page. It can be used as a kind of oracle or I Ching. Think of a move, idea or question - then hit the randomizer and see what comes up. It's loads of fun. (Avoid using the back button to go to the Randomizer as it will override the random function.)

NOTE: Another dynamic bit of connective alchemy is the placement of random quotes at the top of most Game pages. They provoke even more connection making thought.