Connection Tunnel

Meru Project Mind Altering Substances

Stan Tenen, the head of Meru reseach, talks about how to communicate a mystical experience. Say you are walking your camel through the desert and hit your head on a rock, or you eat a funny mushroom. You have an experience of your connection with the all. But the all, or infinite, is beyond words. So how do you communicate it? Meru research suggests that sacred lanquages and texts are on a very important level symbols and exorcises. If you understand the symbols and go through the exorcises they will help you re-create the original experience of the authors. Few people could miss the altered states that occur when people are reading the bible or other sacred texts. Perhaps its not just because of the stories.

The act of creating and of researching creation are both influenced by altered states. Life is the movement of states along the spectrum of consciousness. To stop changing states is to be dead. -- Robert C. Cohen

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