The Outer Game

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Posted by Brian Z. on February 13, 1998 at 19:01:19:

This was a multimedia event recorded a few years ago, now available on video and CD. I have not experienced the video myself, so i can only describe the sound.
The sound was produced by three main collaborators. Terrence McKenna spoke of his ideas, and his words are transcribed at the link I have provided. Electronic music was provided by Jonah Sharp of Spacetime Continuum, and Steven Kent played along on the didgeridoo.
This recording contains the combination of the technological cutting-edge in electronic music with the extremely ancient sound of the didgeridoo. The spoken words are combined to form a wonderful example of what is sometimes called technoshamanism. I am certain that many of the people present at the event had a very intense shamanic experience, as i did from a mere recording.
This fusion of ancient spirituality with modern technology is a very fitting way for Terrence McKenna to present his ideas. The first section of his speech is titled "Archaic Revival", which is the name he uses for the revival of prehistoric culture. He makes his case that we are approaching the end of history, and that through psychadelic drugs, dancing, orgiastic sexuality and other ancient techniques we will soon evolve beyond our human bodies. In fact, most of the speech is directly related to our core wave.
Try and check out a video or audio recording of Alien Dreamtime, but if you can not, do not forget to follow the provided link to the transcript.

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