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Re: Full Submission: Alien Dreamtime
Posted by Brian Z. on February 22, 1998 at 10:30:53:

In Reply to: Re: Full Submission: Alien Dreamtime posted by Isaac Arendsson on February 22, 1998 at 08:00:37:

Issac's follow-up brings up ideas which are adressed in Alien Dreamtime, but that i had not connected with the core wave in my submission. Issac mentions, "the direction each sentient creature must struggle." Issac states, "that I will never know paradise for as long as I am coddling my ego." Here are a few direct quotes from Alien Dreamtime which might relate to the themes Issac has brought up:

"what we need is a new myth. What we need is a new true story that tells us where were going in the universe. And that true story is that the
ego is a product of pathology, and that when psilocybin is regularly part of the human experience, the ego is suppressed. And the suppression of the ego means the defeat of the dominators, the materialists, the
product peddlers."

" the Gaian mind is what were calling the psychedelic experience. Its an experience of the living fact of the entelechy of the planet, and
without that experience we wander in a desert of bogus ideologies, but with that experience, the compass of the self can be set. And thats the
idea, that were figuring out how to reset the compass of the self, through community, through ecstatic dance, through psychedelics, intelligence..."

"once you touch the inner core of your own and someone elses being, you can't be led into thing fetishism and consumerism. The message of
psychedelics is that culture can be reengineered as a set of emotional values, rather than products. This is terrifying news. And if we are
able to make this point, we can pull back, we can pull back and we can transcend."

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