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Game dialog, coming together, personalization and the future
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on April 29, 1998 at 07:58:08:

Hello to all players,

I've waited a while before posting much to Game 2.
I was the Game Master in Game One. In Game Two, I
see my role as an assistant to the current Game Master,
a role which is balance by the Game Master's commitment
to the Game and all of his or her players.
In Hesse's book The Glass Bead Game, the Game Master
had a right hand man and a team all working to help
create the Game laid out by the Game Master.
I watching Game two build a momentum of it's
own and it
has Erik's personality all over it. The amazing thing
to me in watching a CoreWave Game grow is how each move
can seem so individual to the contributing player and
yet also seem to be part of the overall journey of
the individual Game Master.

I also look forward to experiencing all the moves as a
player and discovering how to participate with the
whole Game as I journey again from a new perspective.

Erik and I have discussed many times the importance of
the submissions board as a creative dialog. As a player
my next move is going to be to go back through all
the submissions and respond to those ideas and comments
which spark some response in me and post these ideas
and feelings to the Game. These responses may then
be added by Erik to beads and they may also spark the
connections between people that are so important to the
Game (of life).

We are playing with connections, synchronicity, art.
According to Virginia Wolf (according to my friend
Lisa who's writing her dissertation on Wolf) art and
connections are the antithesis to war. I like the
feel of that. Coming together as human beings,
has divine connotations
for me.

The core wave for Game two seems to have so far
prompted many rather cerebral or intellectual
submissions. They have also contained many personal
experiences but I would like to suggest or remind
the playing community that there are purely emotional,
non-cerebral aspects of even the most complicated

I would like to suggest the Games in
general should strive toward a balance of body, mind,
and spirit. The current core wave at
first may actually suggest an emphasis on mind
and ideas. I think there is also a deeper implication
of body and spirit at play even if it is not as

My first move (Meru 3.26.98)
responded to the "idea" part of the
current core wave. My next move will originate
from a completely personal experience. I am thinking
about a move on my experience with nature. But first
on to the dialog, the connecting, and the play.

Best Robert

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