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Re: Full Submission: The Infinite Game
Posted by Smiley on May 05, 1998 at 13:07:53:

In Reply to: Full Submission: The Infinite Game posted by Narada on April 19, 1998 at 22:51:04:

A further relation to illusion, to language, and
a point from which to explore other relationships
and find new ideas:

Sprachspiel - German compound word, from
sprach (language, speech) and
spiel (game, play (the kind at the theatre))
usually translated as language-game.

Sprachspiel is a central concept in Wittgenstein's (Austro-English philosopher)
_Philosophical Investigations_ (published around 1950) which argues (among
other things) that language has meaning only within particular social contexts
(each with its own language-game) and therefore that most of philosophy, in
abstracting concepts such as truth, the good, meaning, et c. out of the
various particular language-games in which they are used, becomes really a
meaningless playing with symbols devoid of meaning.

Possible connections to other concepts:
literary devices, especially metaphor (recall the prohibition of "private"
connections in Hesse's Glass Bead Game)
the play, especially tragedy

Finally I'd like to add here that this is leading towards reflexion in the
game; in a sense the bead game is becoming self-aware.


ps - i don't think i will have the time to really develop these ideas, but
i might be willing to be coaxed into it if someone wants to work with me.

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