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The Internet
Posted by Shirley Knott on May 22, 1998 at 02:48:26:

Thoughts on the internet:

1998. we go online, join the global traffic,
the global marketplace and the global reading library.
Often, we enter anonymously, or wearing masks.

Once there, we communicate with each other -
Our 'self' consciousnesses are able to mesh,
to partially integrate,
to to travel along the inevitable road
to a 'Virtual Collective Unconscious'
that Jung would have been proud of.

A public headspace alike to John Lilly's +24 state.


The ancient cultures and civilisations may have
directly communicated more locally, but their alleged
evident superior technology suggests that they may
have also used some form of similar system for
communication. Telepathic, even.

Knowledge of star symmetry,
knowledge of the outline of Antarctica
- were there travellers,
or was there greater use of
The Collective Unconscious,
if you buy this theory.

Interested to hear comments.
I aplologise if I have mixed any concepts up
or repeated anyone.


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