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Re: No Insane/ The Insane as Cultural Revolutionaries throughout time
Posted by Daniel Lutton on June 04, 1998 at 22:37:07:

In Reply to: Re: No Insane/ The Insane as Cultural Revolutionaries throughout time posted by Oliver Wise on May 06, 1998 at 16:15:18:

In order to "embrace" insanity as a positive force we immediately acknowledge a negative. Is this negative then sanity? (Pragmatic rationalism over emotional irrationalism??) This presents an ancient dilemma. This dilemma of course forms the basis of religious thought and from that structure ("The Church"). Religion broadly sets to reconcile our physicality and our spiritual sensibilities. We do this through our intellect. In general our intellect determines our sanity and/or insanity in the world and our respective societies. Do we by embracing one reject the other? I believe we need to some how elimate these binaries. Knehts final swim? Maybe. The tools to achieve this are here on this planet. The ocean (water)is a particularly important oricle for me. Just the other day I was floating in the Ocean at Bronte Beach in Sydney. Bronte is notoriously rough and full of dangerous rips. But this particular day was extremely calm. No waves and extremely bouyant. As flat and calm as the tropics. I floated staring at the sun. The one thing I wanted to do was float forever and further out. But I did not do this. I haven't fully determined why I didn't or why I swam back. But on relection it appears to be one of those tremendous points of life in which our decisions are distinctly linked to our and the world's evolution. Floating on water which is usually rough. Eyes shut the sun dappled red through my thin eyelids I was "inbetween" binaries. I am not insane. Nor am I sane. I do not wish to name the in between, that would surely be insane as it would destoy its meaning

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