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Healthy Pleasures
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on June 09, 1998 at 10:20:26:

In Reply to: Re: Feutility posted by Ian Fowler on June 03, 1998 at 16:50:12:

In any big plan there are dangers. I'm not too
surprised that you see "the danger of the
destruction and isolation [and I would add
division] of intellectual and cultural society."
Our plan has always been to use the Glass Bead
Game to reach the masses. But to reach the
masses alone at the expense of the intellect
is part of what is upsetting you so much.
The key is to find the bridge. Balance. Sure its
dangerous water, but FUCK IT - we have to try!
I have to try.
Sure its risky, but you can't LIVE if you don't
We also have to be careful that
we don't become so attached to our ideas that
our construction becomes too rigid and
(as in the book).
It is important to have people pointing out
the dangers. More important
is having people
who still have the basic sense to be outraged
at what goes on all too often in the world. I wish
we had more people on our
team helping us to navigate the pitfalls and
chart the celestial goals.

Regardless of your age Ian, if you are aware
enough to see what's going on around you, then
your awake enough to stand up where you want. But be
very careful
you don't despise things to the point where
you become so reactionary that what you
despise is directing your behavior. You write
"if..." then "outrage," but the
outrage is already present.

Ian, bottom line: You seem like an amazing person
with a tremendous amount of potential. I couldn't
even brave the Glass Bead Game at sixteen. I
am confident that you will find the experiences and people that will make your journey strong.

Best Robert
Ian, please feel free to continue to email me if
you have any other questions on
this or any other issue.

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