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Sorry, got a little ahead of myself...this is a full submission, read this one...
Posted by Lori on June 12, 1998 at 09:21:05:

In Reply to: An infinite path... posted by Lori on June 09, 1998 at 20:05:07:

TITLE: An infinite path

DEFINITION: The symbol, most easily catagorized as a wheel, is made
up of a circle and straight lines which intersect each
other at a designated point in the middle.

CREATOR: Unknown

PRIMARY CATEGORY: Ritual, Learning


RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: The quote helps to understand that the emphasis of
any task is the knowledge gained from attempting it.

QUOTES: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."~Unknown

ENCAPSULATION: As we travel upon the path of life, we blindly assume that the end product
is the point of the journey. In reality, what we learn along the way which helps to enrich
our lives as well as the lives of those around us is what gives the journey meaning and importance.
This understanding is, in my opinion, the key to beginning a whole and fruitful relationship with
ourselves. We take for granted the exciting opportunities presented to us, just by being here
as a human, rather than another organism. By accepting that the actions we make are indicative of a
creation of a healthy life, we can become a richer person...richer in spirit.

MAIN SUBMISSION: There is a group of monks who live in the Far East. As
a type of initiation into the group, each young man is
given the task of runner. Every day for a year he wakes
at dawn and runs up a mountain, where he prays and
meditates. Upon finishing his meditation, he runs back
down the mountain. He is going nowhere. Even though
his path covers a great amount of distance, he is no
further from the beginning than when he started.

However, just like in a circle, the experience itself
is what is important, not necessarily where one ends
up. The spiritual plane the young man rises to, along
with the discipline of learning dedication and faith
even though it promises no definite outcome, is why
the process exists.

The symbol shows a path with many opportunities for
shortcuts. However, in taking the shortcuts, one
misses out on the importance of the experience, and
ends up in the same place he or she started.

The same can be said for life. A child's first steps
mark the graduation from an entirely dependant state,
to one where a life is forged. Shortcuts to a "happy"
life can be taken, but in reality the path within one's
self, a circular path in which the person can never be
truly finished, is what needs to be completed. That's
the journey. It's what's important, not the end
DEEPER: Not there yet!

CONNECTIONS: As Ian wrote in Feutility, "The world of Art, Liturature, and Music
have all been grossly deformed by the influx of missunderstanding and ignorance that abounds in our society."
It is only when we know ourselves that we have a chance of understanding others and
creating a more worthy fruit of our labors, instead of misunderstanding and war. However,
we must also accept that we need to ask questions. Just like a child stumbling through life, the
lessons learned along the way can help to make him or her wiser. Perhaps, war and general mayhem is
a way that we stumble before realizing that our path has strayed and strive to follow a more fulfilling path.

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION: Far east somewhere, but everywhere in general should understand the importance of learning
from what we've done, instead of worrying about how it will affect us in the long run.

IMAGES AND CLIPS: I would suggest a game called "Heaven and Earth." Just a game of puzzles, but one that
"makes you think."

ACCESS AND DISTRIBUTION: Not sure who the vendor is...it's a really old game, though.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Nonesofar...I read "Siddartha" in high school, then re-read it again in college. What a
difference three years can make!! "The Glass Bead Game" is definitely next on my list. This game is
so enriching both mentally and spiritually. I'm glad I've found it.

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