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The Core Wave and Submissions: a proposal
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on July 12, 1998 at 19:38:04:

I am often conflicted about whether or not I post
too often or not enough to the Game.
I still have not had
a chance
to post my "conversational" responses to Narada's
three excellent submissions. As the initail conceiver
Core Wave I do want to be very active in the
conversations, connections and community that
the Game has at its heart. I also have the parental
instinct to step back sometimes and watch
independece grow.

We all have
to play the Game that we create as well as the Game
that life hands us. Right now we have a Core Wave
Game which
is has no limits or restrictions from having
submissions and connections tied down in the
Inner Game.

There is choas, however I do see in this
Game a growing quality of conversational
submissions and responses. I think this is great.

On the other hand I have also seen a tendency,
especially on my part, to get caught up in debate.
I think the purpose of the play is really to
build connections together.

One of the key things I think I see as a problem
with the submission board is the lack of reference
to the core wave. For right now I will use my
with Andy on Satanism, as an example.
Although I tried to relate
the ideas of evil to the Core Wave "ancient ideas
in modern times or time transcendent ideas," I
also got caught up in a debate about meanings and
definitions. Too many statements and not enough
questions at the expense of building the connectivity
of the submission to the Game.

I suppose what I'm getting at is a reminder to
myself and a request to other players to remember
that we are all on the same boat,
on the same stage, when we play in this infinite Game.

I hope to stay focused on my submissions and
responses within that context: the exploration of
the core wave we are playing with in this Game
and the collaboration that is required to play a
Game about personalization and connections and not
about winners and losers.

Anyway, to surmise: I think at the very least we need
to be very explicit about the relationship of
all our submissions and responses to the
core wave - even if we are not making
"full submissions." I think some extra emphasis
on this
idea would be useful at the top of the submission
page as well.

Best Robert

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