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consider this
Posted by moa on August 20, 1998 at 23:29:32:

A disguised woman, dressed up like a man and a disguised man, dressed up like a woman, is that the same thing?
If not, we got instrument enough to make it, make one sex, but which one is it gonna be?
Menīs fear for homosexuality might be the only thing thats stopping us. But in the right circumstances that fear wont exist anymore.
When a person has found a balance between his/hers feminine and masculine side thereīs no longer such thing called equality. The next step should be that there wouldnt be no such thing as a sex.
So which one is it gonna be? For me it is very easy, growing up as a woman and feeling the pressure from media to look a certain way. The way I should look like, seems to me, be a disguised man. So I work out to get the same muscles as a man and I more or less dress like a man I do the same thing and I read Freud and realize that the only thing Im missing, and thats the thing I always dreamed of, is a dick.
Freud has accually nothing to do about it but its a nice paranthesis.
So what I want is a dick, I dont really know if thats what I really want, but it seems to be what everybody want me to have.
What do men really appreciate about women?
Giving birth?
Anyway, I think we can solve that in some way. With In Vitro fertilisation, to begin with, I must say weīve gotten very close reaching our goal. And with some mutation of the female sex I think we can manipulate this perfect sex.
Now to look at this pleasure sex, fucking. This fear men have of homosexuality got to go. To have sex with a vagina canīt really be very much different than to have it anally, in the ass. Its a fact that men have a G-point right there. Concerning the brest, I think they fill a function and a need and that is the mother in his adult life. But with this new sex, we dont need to worry about that.
Let the dream come through, let the woman be a man and the man a woman.

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