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Re: An infinite path...LATE FOLLOW UP
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on September 18, 1998 at 12:17:50:

In Reply to: An infinite path... posted by Lori on June 09, 1998 at 20:05:07:

Hi Lori,
Finally some feed back. Often I post feedback to
moves right away when the post seems to have
something missing or to have something in it
which I want to question.

Your move basically left me nodding and smiling.
A resounding, "yup" and a feeling of confirmation
passed through me. I felt it again rereading your
post now.

Actual follow up to move:
It reminds me a little of a Pink Floyd song I liked
a lot in high school called "The Gold it's in the..."
The final lyrics went:

"All I wanna tell you, all I wanna say,
is count me in on the journey don't expect me to stay."

A journey around the wheel does move one back to
the beginning but the wheel if it is rolling has
moved ahead to a different position. Two different
ways of looking at it but I don't think these
perspectives are in any kind of conflict. Both
exist simultaneously and both journeys contain elements
of both kinds of journey.

--end actual follow up

I love looking at this stuff from new perspectives
and discussing it with people. Your move seems
very relevant to the core wave as it goes to the
heart of things that stay the same through movement
(including I suppose the experience of time as moving).

It is to bad that so few full submissions have made
it to the inner game, because it seems likely that
many submissions like yours probably won't make
it to the inner game due to lack of time. I hope I am
very wrong. None
the less you have influenced all of us players
who have read your post and even if many didn't
respond I know that I felt again a strong sense
of validation and confirmation by reading your words.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I suppose I
have been off the board a lot because I was afraid
my presence as the founder of Core Wave would
be intrusive on the new Game master.
I was wrong. Hope Game two survives and comes together and
hope to see you on the board again.
Feel free to email me also.
Best Robert C. Cohen

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