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Ancient Wizardry in the Modern Age
Posted by Volmarr Wyrd on September 26, 1998 at 14:44:00:

The Lost Purple Wizards of the Nada Tree --

We are a guild of ancient metaphysical wizards. Our goal is to assist humanity, as well as all living beingness, to evolve spirituality. We do this by teaching metaphysics, astrology, philosophy, mysticism, and the ageless knowledge. We are everywhere yet nowhere. Hear the voice within you, and let it lead you onward, and then you might find us. Of ancient times we come, long lost in the dust of ages. Among many paths have we walked, many continents have felt our footsteps Reaching back to the beginnings of time, and yet before even that. Eternity has been our constant companion in our ever unfolding work. Yearning to understand the meaning behind existence. Onward we have searched, teaching what we have learned upon the journey. Understand that we are ever present and you will meet us when you are ready.

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