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a small thought
Posted by Erika on December 21, 1998 at 07:48:03:

Carlos Castenada
I have an 18-month old and therefore am unable to invest more effort in this.
I think Carlos Castenada's ideas can pull together a few of these beads...
in my head I see the symbol of the game when I think of this.
Yellow is the sun, which shines down on the area where his stories take place.
Tribes are the people descended from, with their rituals and magics.
Science is the narrator.
The transcendant idea is the egg as a universal symbol, and the human not as humans but as great glowing eggs.
Which takes us to universality of mind-altering drugs and the story of LSD as a scientific experience.
I have more to put in, but no time!
Maybe someone else can follow this thread down to the spool with me?


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