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Re: Full Submission: Alien Dreamtime
Posted by cea on January 13, 1999 at 05:53:16:

In Reply to: Re: Full Submission: Alien Dreamtime posted by Margot on June 15, 1998 at 03:21:23:

This is a confirmation of _play within the process of life_. I think that all the players of the CWBG II have an awareness of this existence. Likewise, I think that all the players have an awareness of an alternative existence, but perhaps via different media and to different extents. The use of hallucinogens or _mind-expanding, boundary dissolving_ substances to travel backward or forward, inward or outward is just one of the numerous means of connection. Not just connection between people, but connections between all things(_living_ or otherwise), connections between all places, connections between all times, connections between all existences and awarenesses. As humans, we seem to have this capacity for only _linear_ connections, and by this I mean the ability to connect only two objects together at a time. What we perhaps are striving to achieve is the connection that more resembles an atom and its electron cloud.
I think that there exists another awareness that preceded this one. Perhaps this current awareness is simply a form of R&R from the former one. We are here to have whatever experience we choose, given the initial settings programmed for our experience. We determine our own experience from that point onward.
I see many moves in the game as an effort to connect this awareness to another greater awareness(Alien Dreamtime, The Hopi Survivival Kit,Ripple Reverse Time,The Greatest Illusion/Time,The Primary Distinction-Corewave Game I,Science versus Mysticism) . Some moves seem to be an attempt to escape(temporarily or permanently) this current awareness in favor of the previous greater awareness(Death is a Silence, The Internet, Mind Altering Substances:The Use of Drugs). Other moves seem to simply strive for better understanding of either the current or greater awareness(The Meru Project,The Big Bang Never Happened,The Infinite Game, Consider This).

The duality in all of this is interesting: time(past and future),time(the finite and infinite), the inside and outside, the male and female,awareness(now and the _not now_), vision(micro and macro), communication/connections(the real and the virtual). This game has been somewhat like Wave-Particle Duality:
The idea that matter can exist in two guises, wave or particle. As a wave, matter is spread out, distributed throughout space. As a particle, matter is concentrated, occupying only a single point of space at a single time. The duality refers to the impossibility of observing matter in both of its guises simultaneously.
-Parallel Universes, Fred Alan Wolf

Thank you to the creators and players of the game for your thought-provoking contributions and connections.

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