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The Inquisition: are Ancestors living through us?
Posted by Andy on January 30, 1999 at 15:00:16:

Perhaps the Inquisiton was a cleansing made by the church. However, think of the implications. (I will try to explain my theorey: that a dead ancestor CAN live through a modern relative.) These affect Time and our present day much more than most would think.
Think of the ancestors of the witches or so called witches. There lives are affected by the Inquisition before they are even born.
Even if most of their eldest ancestors were destroyed by the Holy War, think of the surviving ones. They would have moved, hidden.
And they would keep moving their families and new generations. These families would have stories passed down through them,
always affecting their thinking, always having some, even tiny, part in everything they were and did. these families would grow up in certain ways,
having certain traditions. in this way, a single individual could be livivng the life of their ancestor. In this way, i think that it is very possible that more than one of us is living this way.
what about the Holocaust? it may be to early to tell the full implications of this, but in future generations, will Jewish familes stray from Germany and Austria?
Will Jewish seniors consider and exciting new study in Germany, instead of maybe france if the holocaust hadn't happened? these changes are not large at all, but they do affect modern lives in amazing ways. i beleive that something so old affecting our modern world is amazing in its own right, and needs no fantastic size.

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