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Re: I
Posted by Shandy White on January 08, 19100 at 15:10:04:

In Reply to: Re: I posted by Kevin Reavis on May 21, 1998 at 18:41:00:

To, Kevin. I know this game is finished and I made my submission almost two years ago. My Problem with your statement is your introduction of a creator inot the system. You are a product of your psychological and emotional environment. As a human being, your are subject to your environment as being human. The concept of God or a creator is as old as human consciousness. It is time for humans to go beyond this useless idea. It is almost pre-historic. If we are to attain an understanding of the universe to the best of our ability, please don't confuse yourself with a seperate all controlling higher consciousness. THe fact is, is that we are all that higher consciousness. Together, the existence of life and thought is all there really is. When man dies out, so does the concept of God. There is no God. The concept was created to satisfy the desires of man, first on a simple level to understand life, then unfortuneately for political and controlling purposes. My friend, God only exists in those who's minds are not prepared to accept are aloneness. It sounds like you are not satisfied with being you. Your God has given you value, where as you are valuable without him.

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