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Re: Animals
Posted by JRA on May 24, 2000 at 16:08:43:

In Reply to: Animals posted by Fares Jamatte Then on February 14, 2000 at 19:43:18:

There seems to be an oversimplified glorification of animals here.
(Well, maybe not an overglorification, for all this earth is glorious!)

Have you seen documentary on the speech/linguistic training taking
place with parrots at the University of Arizona. Not only can the
parrots match words with corresponding objects, they can understand
colors and numbers, and they can formulate short word groupings that
express emotions...like dissatisfaction. We may be the "bird-brains"
for egotistically assuming our greater capacity for thought and
emotion, once again placing ourselves at the center of the universe.

Not only do animals "kneel" to one another, but they have pecking
orders that are sometimes deadly. An ape will often demonstate
authority by refusing to make eye contact with its subordinates.
Sounds like a couple of humans I know.

In addition, while animals may not purchase their plots of land from
realestate agents, they will battle to defend their territory. (concept
of ownership?)

To what extent animals discuss God...If humans are a species of
animals, and discussing, seeking, etc...God seems to be quite a
preoccupation for humans, who knows what goes on amidst the millions of
species whose billions of languages and dialects we are unable to

I would like to share an experience I had when living in Thailand. I
was witness to several dead animals. These animals seemed to
mysteriously end up lying on the ground before the Buddah house next to
my bungalow. I thought perhaps they were placed there in ritual by one
of the Thai villagers. One early morning I watched as one of the
domestic dogs took its last steps...to prostrate itself on the ground
facing the buddah house. I was moved to lie down next to it.

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