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Re: Free Will, destiny, passive/active...
Posted by scott on June 12, 2000 at 07:48:10:

In Reply to: Re: Free Will, destiny, passive/active... posted by Michael George on May 13, 2000 at 02:31:34:

Thanks Michael for your thoughts. I must reassure you, it is the words
of men such as yourself that are a catalyst for my own growth. I am
always thankfull for new exchanges and perspectives. As I go foward, day
by day, simple and timeless truths are always the goal. As much as I get
caught up in a world of superficial blur, I am always looking, always
seeking to find ways to rid myself of this dirt, this heavy muck that
clouds my vision and my ability to really see what is before me, its
grandeur, its beauty. There are cycles, there are steps, there is a
progression with things. I have traveled through so many worlds of
contemplation and reflection. I have read countless books, heard many
speakers, Lama's, priests, monks, and so on. I presume that this goal,
these truths are not really attainable simply by listening though. For
can I truely have an understanding by using merely a sense, that is, one
sense of my many? If I have learned anything, I have learned that
experience, that extremely important concept, is the driving force
behind any "knowledge". I am sure I could learn much by studying books,
listening to speakers, smelling the aromatic inscents of far away lands,
but the key being that I experience these things myself, rather than
look into an account that is passed on, lived by others.

"Though all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he no more
comprehends the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavor of the soup."

So, this leaves me here, approaching 22. I think to myself, of my
surroundings, the society I live in, the people, the energy. I think of
how few I see and meet these days that are looking, that are really
searching. I guess it is my youth, my young environment. I am not
discouraged by any means, in fact, time and time again I am blessed with
exciting and new exchanges, and life only increases its worth and
relevance for me each day. There are so many dreams packed into to my
active conscience. Dreams of nature, they seem to prevail. Dreams of
clarity, of gurus, of souls. How much there is yet to see and study and
feel. And within all of this I think of the idealogy, the concept of
generosity and creativity. I know that as I grow, it will only become
that much clearer to me that in fact, this world of self, is really so
much a part of this stream of conciousness, the inter-connectedness of
all our minds. I will slowly realize my role, to creatively lead, and
innovate, and be a catalyst for others as you all are for me. A simple
sentance really does not capture the worldly importance of this either,
but so mote it be.

Thank you Michael,

Scott Everett

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