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Posted by anonmonyous on June 20, 2001 at 19:13:38:


life a journey given to you by your parents

something granted yet not appreciated

Chosen to be the one to be and live in this world

so i ask myself why? why me? Why was I chosen

Why was I put on this planet to live and breathe

and to survive in this corrupted world?

The question is only answered by what you try to do with your life, IF
you succeed with what you try to do then I guess you have answered the

BUT, their are so many endless possibilities why do you think you were
put on this planet, Are you here to

make some kind of difference? Why were you put on this planet? or were
you here just to live and breathe? I believe that we are here for a
reason? But, what? why and what are we supposed to do?

SAY, we accomplished something great, is that what we were supposed to
do? Is that what we were put on this planet to do? Or were we put on
this planet for another reason? I wish I knew exactly why I was put on
this planet.

But, I guess I will never know!

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