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Glass Bead Game Madness
"Hesse's characters thought that future generations would see Johann Sebastian Bach's works as the epitome of western culture, and perhaps we shall. They also thought that the laws of classical music were as immutable and fundamental as the laws of physics, and intimately linked them with the whole concept of a GBG; perhaps they are. And yet, the astounding radicalness of the technological revolution has opened our ears to new musical possibilities. Although we have not surpassed the complexities of baroque music's multiplte harmonic structures, time has shown that there is more to music's secrets than this. Bach was the hero of the sterile Castalian world. The Castalians would probably say that Rock 'n' Roll was music of the fall, obsessed with dynamics and dischord and raw power, and reflecting the sick state of society in the age of fueliton. Few who listen to the best of Rock 'n' Roll deeply would dismiss it so completely as a product of the times. There is beauty and power in this music to match what anyone has yet imagined."
-- Narada

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