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Madness No Inside / Outside
"Isn't the inability to distinguish between inside and outside the essense of madness? Why is it sometimes so hard to distinguish between genius and insanity, or even to define the difference? Is schitzophrenia a healthy response to a mad society? How could a perfect all powerful diety create such a manifestly imperfect universe? How much of what we consider mad is cultural bias? What is within the limits of sanity, and what is Outside...
-- From Madness, Relation to the Core Wave by Narada

"In an insane world, is the madman sane? Is a lack of distinction between inside and outside healthy in some cases and unhealthy in others? If inside / outside is a human construct of perception than is an individuals transcendence (going all the way through) of that distinction sane or insane? What will it be when larger groups hold this perception? How are we ever going to survive unless we go a little crazy?"
-- Robert C. Cohen

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