The Outer Game

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Pisces at the beach
Posted by jan kinney on June 12, 1997 at 09:29:42:

Connection to the Core Wave: Made of the same elements as
the ocean, how can we separate ourselves from it? Where
is inside? What is outside?


A woman born in early March will be swimming in the ocean on
September 16, 1997--a full moon in Pisces.

Inside her skin she is 98% water, and salty, mineral-laden
water at that. Outside is salty, mineral-laden water.

How far into her skin does the seawater permeate? How close
to the surface are her capillaries? What is between
water and water?

No graphics, except the mind-created. No music but the
rush of water past her ears, the rush of blood within.

Connection possibly with Blade Runner: what separates
human from "other"? Skin? The composition of the skin?

Throw Blake in here, too: "Little lamb, Who made thee?"

And lamb moves us to Aries which rules weapons and iron,
thus Blade Runner (also know as "Do Androids Dream of
Electric Sheep?") On September 16, 1997 the moon moves
out of Pisces into Aries--out of boundarylessness into
assertive individuality. What separates me from all

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