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Re: Pisces (passed into Game I) - Good luck Jan.
Posted by Robert C.C. Game Master Game I on September 14, 1997 at 18:58:33:

In Reply to: Pisces at the beach posted by jan kinney on June 12, 1997 at 09:29:42:

Wow. This move was so gratifying. The relation to
the corewave was
spelled out clearly and phrased as a question as
per the instructions. I was so thrilled and
happy to find it. I find it a lovely description
of the relationship of water to the
corewave, which for me is a major theme in Game I.
(See also "Quote" submitted by Marie Wohadlo for another
water connection) I would say that Pisces at the Beach
connects to the Marie's Quote by Malraux: "It is difficult
for a fish to envisage the outer aspects of [its]
aquarium." Whether our environment is water, air
or our personalities, the things we take the most
granted often become the most invisible.

The movement of the stars also reminds me of tides and
the flow of huge energies all around us. We are just
tiny bubbles in a giant ocean. But more about that
in a subsequent move.

In Blade Runner, Roy batty talks about his memories
of “attach ships on fire off the coast of Orion.”
About death, and the loss of memories he says, "All
those moments will be lost ... in tears...
in rain........ Time to die." I like
the idea of imagining a ship floating off the coast of stars;
and of life and memories slipping back into a universal ocean.
But again more about this in a subsequent move about bubbles.

Wow. Swimming in an ocean under a moon which controls
the ocean as it moves from the constellation of
boundrylessness into the constellation of assertive
individuality. I find this profoundly beautiful and

This move made it immediately clear to me that there
should be no rule restricting a player to only making
submissions of things created by someone other
than themselves. (That rule was based on the Glass
Bead Game novel and in retrospect it is clearly one
of the problems with the Game in the book.)
All references to any restriction on players on
submitting their own creations is being removed
from Game I. Thank you Jan.

Your swim is coming up now in just two days, Jan. I'll be
thinking of you and about water.

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