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Blade Runner Pisces at the Beach
What separates human from "other?" Skin? The composition of the skin? -- Jan Kinney from Pisces at the Beach

In Pisces at the Beach Jan describes a person in the water where the elements outside are very like the elements inside. She descirbes the person in the water as Pisces shifts into Aries. As a symbol of bounderylessness shifts to a symbol of assertive individuality. Blade Runner asks "What is it that makes us human?" But a large part of that question might be: What is it that makes us individuals vs. parts of a larger whole? And which whole? Do the Anderoids get to be in the larger human club, the sentient being club or just the Anderoid club? If skin seperates us from the outside can it be the determining factor of humanity? And what about all that air and moisture and other stuff that the skin allows to pass in and out?

In Blade Runner, Roy Batty talks about his memories of łattach ships on fire off the coast of Orion.˛ About death, and the loss of memories he says, "All those moments will be lost ... in tears... in rain........ Time to die." I like the idea of imagining a ship floating off the coast of stars; and of life and memories slipping back into a universal ocean. --- Robert C. Cohen Follow Up to Pisces at the Beach / Blade Runner Connection.

Throw Blake in here, too: "Little lamb, Who made thee?" And lamb moves us to Aries which rules weapons and iron, thus Blade Runner (also know as "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") On September 16, 1997 the moon moves out of Pisces into Aries--out of boundarylessness into assertive individuality. What separates me from all else? -- Jan Kinney from Pisces at the Beach

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