Pisces at the Beach
by Jan Kinney
Played by: Jan Kinney

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Made of the same elements as the ocean, how can we separate ourselves from it? Where is inside? What is outside?"
-- r.c.c.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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  • Blade Runner
  • Earth
  • The Ether That Binds

    Highlight Quotes

    "I love you the way a raindrop
    loves the ocean.
    And I love you the way the ocean
    loves a raindrop."
    -- Poem by Robert C. Cohen
    added as a follow up.

    "Freeing trapped bubbles of air, ice releases its inner hardness."
    -- played Anonymously. Added as a follow up.

    " 'It is difficult for a fish to envisage the outer apects of [its] aquarium' -- Malraux.
    The difference between inside and outside is the impossibility of being both."
    -- played by Marie Wohadlo. Added as a follow up.

    "Glass beads....games....swirlings....turnings...
    I am lost & confused.
    Shall I sit under a tree
    and listen to wind.
    No, it was the river he heard
    river within river
    voice inside...outside voice.
    Can anyone hear my listening..."
    --played by Susan. Added as a follow up.

  • IMAGE:

    A woman born in early March will be swimming in the ocean on September 16, 1997--a full moon in Pisces.

    Inside her skin she is 98% water, and salty, mineral-laden water at that. Outside is salty, mineral-laden water.

    How far into her skin does the seawater permeate? How close to the surface are her capillaries? What is between water and water?

    No graphics, except the mind-created. No music but the rush of water past her ears, the rush of blood within.

    Connection possibly with Blade Runner: what separates human from "other?" Skin? The composition of the skin?

    Throw Blake in here, too: "Little lamb, Who made thee?"

    And lamb moves us to Aries which rules weapons and iron, thus Blade Runner (also know as "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") On September 16, 1997 the moon moves out of Pisces into Aries--out of boundarylessness into assertive individuality. What separates me from all else?

    -- Jan Kinney


    Follow Ups

    Whether our environment is water, air or our personalities, the things we take the most for granted often become the most invisible. The movement of the stars also reminds me of tides and the flow of huge energies all around us. We are just tiny bubbles in a giant ocean.

    Wow. Swimming in an ocean under a moon (celestial object moving in a celestial ocean) which controls the ocean and waters of our life - while the moon moves from the constellation of boundrylessness into the constellation of assertive individuality. I find this profoundly beautiful and touching. (See Blade Runner Connection.)
    -- follow up by Robert C. Cohen

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