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Sacred Geometry Total Communication
"The central idea behind sacred geometry appears to me to be that there are constant proportions and harmonies in the universe of our experience. When I looked at Karen's paintings I saw unquestionable meaning. But that meaning was predicated on my experience. Someone else might have had a different experience? If sacred geometry indicates that there is a universal experience then does that mean that a single meaning would be derived from that experience by everyone? I don't think so? Nevertheless, universal principles and experiences go to the heart of humanities approach toward "total communication." In ancient times many temples were off limits if you didn't know math and geometry. Science and religeon have been seen as one. I think they are one. Both are at the heart the study and seach for truth. One searches with reason and one searches with faith. But the universe has given us both. Shouldn't we use them together? Was the Tower of Babel (The legendary tower which failed to reach heaven. As punishment God caused the end of a single human language), was it an attempt at a language of sacred principles, harmonies and universal experience?" -- Robert C. Cohen

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