Sacred Geometry Series
Paintings from Study
by Karen Prior
Played by: Robert Carrillo Cohen
Main Quote:
"Sacred Geometry, like nothing else I have ever seen, has the ability to inspire awe and awaken a very real experience of the world behind the curtain of creation."
-- Karen Prior

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Are there patterns within every aspect of reality? How do patterns affect our consciousness?" -- r.c.c.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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  • Total Communication

    Highlight Quotes

    "Sacred Geometry is a concise approach to the understanding of the way in which the universe is manifest, ordered and sustained."

        -- Karen Prior

  • Highlight

    I met Karen just a couple of years ago in San Francisco. Karen made it clear to me that she works on her art exclusively in relation to her experience and study of Sacred Geometry. She explained her art to me within the context of her desire to unify the various efforts of individuals familiar with Sacred Geometry and to educate the public about its spiritual, intellectual and emotional impact. She doesn't think small.

    I was immediately struck by the communicative power of this series of paintings. Each image evoked an instant single word response. The painting with the line between the foreheads just said to me "communication." Another instantly said to me, "health." My experience of the paintings was almost like they were emotionally precise icons. Their simple beauty seemed to enhance their communicative power and my emotional response. Talking with friends I discovered that most had similar experiences, some with the exact same words coming out of the paintings.

    -- Robert Carrillo Cohen

    Follow Ups

    From SACRED GEOMETRY by Robert Lawler (published by Thames and Hudson):

    "When many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music (music being the study of the proportional laws of sound frequency), they were already very close to the position of our most contemporary science."

    "Geometry deals with pure form, and philosophical geometry re-enacts the unfolding of each form out of a preceding one. It is a way by which the essential creative mystery is rendered visible. The passage from creation to pro-creation, from the unmanifest, pure, formal idea to the 'here-below', the world that spins out from that original divine stroke, can be mapped out by geometry, and experienced through the practice of geometry."

    "As geometers, equipped only with compass and straight-edge, we enter the two-dimensional world of the representation of form. A link is forged between the most concrete (form and measure) and the most abstract realms of thought. By seeking the invariable relationships by which forms are governed and interconnected we bring ourselves into resonance with universal order. By re-creating the genisis of these forms we seek to know the principles of evolution. And by thus raising our own patterns of thought to these archetypal levels, we invite the force of these levels to penetrate our mind and thinking. Our intuition is enlivened, and perhaps, as Plato says, the soul's eye might be purified and kindled afresh 'for it is by it alone that we contemplate the truth.'"

    -- added as a follow up by Robert C. Cohen

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