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The Internet Mind Altering Substances

Timothy Leary was one of the most famous explorers of MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES in our times. His exploration of altered states lead him eventually to a belief and a lifelong investigation of computers and networks as both the means for altered states and as the literal location of alterenate realities.

He also believed and explored fully the idea that computer networks and the altered states they created were the ultimate place to play THE INFINITE GAME. He refered to the future of THE INTERNET as, "A future when human intelligence is enhanced and human culture is elevated by a device for thought processing called The Glass Bead Game.

In a follow up to THE INTERNET, Narada wrote, "See also my submission below "THE INFINITE GAME" for some relevant ideas about the web as a glass bead game."

The Glass Bead Game is seen by many as a precursor and description of the ultimate application for the internet. In the simplest terms this is because The Glass Bead Game is about making connections. In many ways hypertext and its "connective" behavior makes the internet a kind of Glass Bead Game in and of itself. The creation of CoreWave was based on the idea that the Glass Bead Game was a perfect tool to be applied to media, ie. television or the internet. Media is mediation - the in-between-ness (and the connectedness) of communications, especially as communication is expressed through technologies like language, television and the internet.

-- r. c. cohen

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