The Internet

The latest in a series of communication technologies.

Creator: nature? nuture?
Played by: Shirley Knott

"An exploration of the nature of human communication through or beyond time." -r.c.

Game II Core Wave: "Ancient Ideas in Modern Times" or "Time Transcendent Ideas."

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"Ancient cultures may have communicated more locally.....they may have also used some form of .... communication [similar to the internet]. Telepathic even."

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  • The Infinite Game AND Mind Altering Substances
  • The Bridge

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    From Leonard (inventor of the internet) Kleinrock's
    Personal History of the Internet:

    "...the first Host-to-Host message ever to be sent on the Internet was launched from UCLA. This occurred in early October when Kleinrock and one of his programmers proceeded to "logon" to the SRI Host from the UCLA Host. The procedure was to type in "log" and the system at SRI was set up to be clever enough to fill out the rest of the command, namely to add "in" thus creating the word "login". A telephone headset was mounted on the programmers at both ends so they could communicate by voice as the message was transmitted. At the UCLA end, they typed in the "l" and asked SRI if they received it; "got the l" came the voice reply. UCLA typed in the "o", asked if they got it, and received "got the o". UCLA then typed in the "g" and the darned system CRASHED! Quite a beginning. On the second attempt, it worked fine! "

    LEONARD KLEINROCK and IMP1: The first node of the ARPANET.

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    UCLA, Los Angeles, California

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    The Inventor of the Internet - Leonard Kleinrock's Home Page.

  • Main Submission

    ... we go online, join the global traffic,
    the global marketplace and the global reading library.
    Often, we enter anonymously, or wearing masks.

    Once there, we communicate with each other -
    Our 'self' consciousnesses are able to mesh,
    to partially integrate,
    to to travel along the inevitable road
    to a 'Virtual Collective Unconscious'
    that Jung would have been proud of.
    A public headspace alike to John Lilly's +24 state.

    [ed. note: John Lilly was a researcher into communications, especially with sensory deprivation tanks, drug induced altered states of consciousness and communication with dolphins.]

    The ancient cultures and civilizations may have directly communicated more locally, but their alleged evident superior technology suggests that they may have also used some form of similar system for communication. Telepathic, even.

    Knowledge of star symmetry,
    knowledge of the outline of Antarctica
    - were there travellers,
    or was there greater use of
    The Collective Unconscious,
    if you buy this theory.

    Interested to hear comments.
    I apologise if I have mixed any concepts up
    or repeated anyone. --Shirl.


    Follow Ups

    I SEE YOUR PICTURES ON THE WALL OF THIS CAVE... Yes! I love self referential moves, ie, ones that are about the medium and mechanism of the game itself. The structure of the game is the hidden referance of all the moves, but I like to see it made more conscious. And there is no question that the net is a new form of many venerable ideas.

    With each new technology we create we gain a new metaphor to use in our understanding of reality. And it IS strange that ALL our technological achievements have been envisioned, and possibly attained, through biological or metaphysical means, by those in less scientificlly minded times and places.

    What does this mean to us as we become ever increasingly reliant on our technologies to maintain even the basic needs of our bodies? Personally, I find it rather impossible to be in a +24 state and sit for hours in front of a cathode ray gun staring at a flat screen and making numerous small movements with my hands. (smile)

    Arthur C Clarke's famous quote, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", seems rather relevant here. Perhaps we should add, "any sufficiently advanced system of magic is indistinguishable from technology"!?

    See also my submission below "the Infinite Game" for some relevant ideas about the web as a glass bead game. -- Narada

    Great! Someone who knows what I'm talking about with +24.

    Tell me tell me, I'm intrigued - have you, or has anyone out there, journeyed out to +6, or even +3..?

    Can you describe it? --Shirley Knott

    Yes I remember reading John Lilly's "Centre of the Cyclone", and being intrigued for a while by the concept of levels of spiritual-emotional energies. I never did figure out why they were numbered that way though.

    As to my own experience with hightened states of conciousness... after many years of exploring and enjoying revelations and extasies invoked with the aid of various power plants and their derivatives, (never in anything like the quantities or intensities that Lilly and other pioneers experimented with), I decided that there were at least 2 good reasons to stop using substances and see what could be learned through other paths and through the awesome experience of being alive itself.

    I found that after a few months transition, the "peak experiences" returned on a regular basis, and I treat them as a normal part of the fluctuations of life. There have been months, if not years, where virtually every day was a revelation and expansion of my energy.

    I remember Lilly saying that it finally hit him that the exercises that he had been given in order to lift his level of energy, were actually things that come spontaneously as ecstatic expressions of the self when one is in an exalted state. I have found this to be true for me too - and the quickest ways to raise my energy when I want or need to for some reason, is by doing the things that I would do in that hightened state, ie, dance, sing, breathe, visualise colours and geometries, play with the mind, and generally enjoy the manifold possibilities of this stangely indefinable existance.

    "What stops us doing this all the time?"... is,I believe, a very important question. What makes us feel good? Why are we still making pictures on the walls of the universe? -- Narada

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