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The Infinite Game CoreWave Game One

[CoreWave Game One connected to....] "The Infinite Game" and "Fuetility" - In the hope that we are not just playing an irrelevant game.

-- Narada

[The Outer Game submission called Fuetility posited the idea that Infinite Games as described in the book The Glass Bead Game -- "seek to find the interconnection betwixt all subject matter and happenings. This "game" leads to the degridation of all the subjects into a subliminated form. This form lacks insight, it lacks the essence of the works in has condensed. The works of Descartes are inseperable form the works of Kafka? Is this the kind of world that one seeks to develop? .... Perhaps it is best that I fail to concieve what would make one create an offspring for cultural and intillectual annihilation...." -- Ian Fowler

A follow up to Fuetility suggested CoreWave might navigate the pitfalls described in the book The Glass Bead Game and create a Game that is constantly evolving .... "a Game that can increase personalization and personal relevance in our human connections. In this way we hope we are placing the Game back in the center of the Game of Life, which the book also suggests was where the Game started before it became static....." -- Robert C. Cohen]

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