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Posted by Ian Fowler on May 27, 1998 at 16:36:13:

Perhaps I have misinterprited "The Glass Bead Game." Perhaps I lack clearvoyant insight into the meaning of this literary masterpiece. 400 years in the future a game is created that seeks to find the interconnection betwixt all subject matter and happenings. This "game" leads to the degridation of all the subjects into a subliminated form. This form lacks insight, it lacks the essence of the works in has condensed. The works of Descartes are inseperable form the works of Kafka. is this the kind of world that one seeks to develope? Perhaps the use of the game as a metiphor for the retardation of the pedagogic province was misunderstood by myself. Perhaps it is best that I fail to concieve what would make one create an offspring for cultural and intillectual annihilation. Perhaps the game has already accomplished it's purpose. The world of Art, Liturature, and Music have all been grossly deformed by the influx of missunderstanding and ignorace that abounds in our society. Perhaps it is best that the deevolution of man come first from the deterioration of knowledge than from the evolution of War.

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